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Tour guides that accept Bitcoin

You have reached a country that you have never been to, settled in your hotel suite and had your first local dish, you went around town and had the chance to appreciate what you believe is the local culture. What now? We advise you to browse through the list below and get in touch with one of the tour guides. No body knows the city you are in better then a tour guide, get into a group tour or simply ask a custom one to be created highlighting your personal interests.
Heidi Leyton

Heidi Leyton - your guide in Berlin. Individual tours inside and outside of Berlin.

Tours of Cracow and its Environs

Tailor-made tours of Poland, accommodation in Cracow, city breaks in Polish destinations, guided tours.

Bitcoinchaser Travel Guide

Simple guide for travellers.

Heidi Leyton

Heidi Leyton: your Berlin tour guide, accepting Bitcoin.


Safe, Luxurious, English Speaking Transport & Tours in Panama.