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Hostels that accept Bitcoin

Don’t mind the company of a stranger or two? Want an affordable “shelter” for the night? Hostels are growing increasingly popular amongst travelers. Why spend an excess amount of your hard earned Bitcoins for a room you will hardly be in. All we really need is a comfortable bed and a safe place to spend the night. Hostels are the perfect choice, plus you can meet your fellow travelers and perhaps continue your journey with a new friend or two.
El Hostelito

Feel free to drop by Guadalajara. It's not a hostel but a nice house near the Hipster district in Chapultepec. For more info, check out our blog page. We are also on AirBnB.

Pacific Tradewinds Hostel

№1 Hostel in San Francisco


The most powerful travel search engine that accepts Bitcoins.


Any hotels for bitcoins.

Teddyhostel Riga

This hostel in Riga, Latvia, started accepting Bitcoin as an experiment, but the idea seems to be paying off.