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Bitcoin to Perfect Money

Perfect Money (PM) is a popular electronic system that has been around for over a decade. PM is well-known for its high privacy standards and irreversible transactions, which makes it slightly similar to BitCoin. It's designed for money transfers among its users, receipt of payments on the user's website, paying for goods and services online, and purchasing various types of monetary assets: American dollars, Euro and gold.


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As BitCoin gained momentum, holders of accounts with Perfect Money began to use this payment system for transactions involving the “digital gold”. The Perfect Money system has four types of accounts that correspond to the above-mentioned four types of assets. If you wish to purchase Perfect Money with BTC, resort to one of the exchange websites listed below. As of now, there are several dozens trusted platforms that offer this service. Let's briefly review the most popular websites for exchanging BitCoins for Perfect Money.


  1. F1Ex is an online platform that aims to provide fast and convenient services in the realm of electronic currencies. The website has simple and easy-to-use interface, convenient navigation options and comprehensive guides to perform all kinds of exchange transactions. The minimal amount for exchanging BitCoin for Perfect Money with the help of this platform is about BTC 0.05, which means about $125 or €110 will be deposited to your corresponding PM account. The transaction is performed in automatic mode, while the fee charged by F1Ex amounts to 0.7% of the exchanged sum for both PM account types.

  2. BlueCash is an online service that offers automatic exchange services. Although fairly fast and reliable, it works only with a limited range of electronic currencies and online payment systems, including: Perfect Money, Qiwi, BTC, Yandex Money, BTC-E, Payeer and Exmo. When it comes to transferring funds you have in your BTC wallet to your (or somebody else's) Perfect Money account, there are several important details you should know before initiating a transaction. The platform only allows you to purchase PM USD; there is no option for converting BTC into euros and depositing the funds to a Perfect Money EUR account. The minimal amount for the exchange transaction to be carried out is BTC 0.0041, which is approximately $10. The drawback of this website is that the fee charged on such a transaction is not stated explicitly but rather included in the selling price.

  3. XMLGold is one of the most well-known, trusted and reputable exchange platforms when it comes to buying and selling BitCoins. This website enables you to use both USD and EUR accounts with Perfect Money when exchanging your digital coins. XMLGold has fairly low transaction fees for such an exchange: only 1% for both USD and EUR, plus the 0.5% charged by Perfect Money itself. In addition, the platforms offers a system of discounts on this fee for their loyal customers. The top-level discount is 30%, which will minimize the fee charged on your BTC to Perfect Money transactions to 0.7%. Strangely enough, the biggest disadvantage of this service is derived from its popularity: every now and then, the system's BTC and Perfect Money reserves are depleted completely and it's rather difficult to spot a suitable moment to perform the desired exchange operation.

  4. Goldux is a provider of e-currency exchange services that has been in the market since the very dawn of the BitCoin era. Many transactions, including BTC to PM, are carried out automatically. The system works not only with USD and EUR accounts with Perfect Money; here you can use your BTC to purchase a PM voucher denominated in USD. Quite expectedly, the transaction fee differs for the two fiat currencies. For American dollars, it's 0.5% of the exchanged amount plus $2.5. As for the currency of the European Union, you only pay a fixed amount of €2 per one BTC to PM EUR transaction. However, you are unable to purchase more than €1,000 within one exchange operation.

  5. Paybis is a reputable exchange platform with incredibly simple and easy-to-use website, transparent transaction fees and great customer support available 24/7. It works with a large variety of e-currencies and online payment systems, but is notorious for its tedious ID verification procedures. Luckily, you don't need to verify your ID for exchanging BTC for Perfect Money with Paybis! Thus, after you set up your account within the system (which is fairly easy to do using a social network), your BTC-to-PM exchange transactions will be performed almost instantly. The platform only works with PM USD accounts, and charges a fee of 4%. The minimal amount per one transaction is $50 (approximately BTC 0.02); the maximum is $10,000 (BTC 4.16).


As stated above, these are merely five of the most popular portals for exchanging BTC for Perfect Money. A more comprehensive list of websites offering such services is provided below for your convenience. Keep in mind: in addition to any transaction fee charged by the exchange service, you will pay another 0.5% of the exchanged amount to the Perfect Money system.