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Repair and Maintenance Services that accept Bitcoin

Not all that is broken should be thrown away and replaced. When it comes to home appliances and other devices, it is often much wiser to take them to a repair and maintenance professional. If you want things that you bought to have a long life and do not want to throw away stuff that can be fixed, then this tab is for you. A little maintenance every 1-2 years for your dishwasher and it will run twice as long as it would originally. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals listed in this tab. Don’t think for a second they will not accept Bitcoins, because they will!
Elmer Appliance Repair

We provide affordable major appliance repair in Conroe. We repair refrigerators, dryers, washers, dishwashers, ovens, and more.

Volternal Consulting

ZenPC.Guru is an online computer consulting, support, and training service.

Stort udvalg af iPhone covers og tilbehør samt professionel reparation af iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod samt OnePlus, siden 2010.


( Tyre repair and change services, comes to your place. Located in the Arnhem area (The Netherlands).


Accepting bitcoin at generous rates for professional graphics/audio/web design, writing and editing services, digital film-making, win32/linux/OS X tech support & repair & performance tweaking, C++/PERL/PHP/HTML programming, server administration, creative consulting, and unreleased music from the band Tiny Pupils.