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Physicians that accept Bitcoin

A physician, doctor or medical doctor is one of the key professionals in the healthcare industry. A physician will diagnose you, look for symptoms prescribe medication and/or appropriate treatment. A physician is your go to place when you are feeling unwell and don’t exactly know why. Take a look at our list of physicians that work around the world and accept Bitcoins for their services. From pediatricians to psychiatrists to plastic surgeons we have them all.
My Doctor Medical Group

Private Medical Care and Advocacy in San Francisco.

Fertility Care of Orange County

Dr. C. Terrance Lee, Brea, CA

My doctor San Francisco

Personalized Medical Care and Advocacy in San Francisco

Ask The Doctor

People around the world with sensitive medical questions require discretion about their healthcare, and users who want to keep their healthcare private can now hide their medical payments from their bank or credit card company.