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Chiropractors that accept Bitcoin

If you have ever experienced pain in the lower back, spine or any other “mechanical” part of your body, you know that the pain, agony and discomfort is unbearable. If you haven’t here is a list of chiropractors that will come to your rescue, these professionals are trained in identifying the cause and eliminating the problem through application of pressure on key parts of your body. It doesn’t sound like rocket science but unless you have undergone the necessary training and spent over 1000 hours of supervised clinical training you are unlikely to fix it on your own. In fact you can do more damage than good, so don’t hold back, have one of these chiropractors on speed dial for emergencies and don’t worry about the cash they all accept Bitcoins.
Cohen Chiropractic Centre

Dr. Austin Cohen, Atlanta, GA

Dr Steven Shoshany

Dr Steven Shoshany has been on the cutting edge of chiropractic treatment for over 15 years and is always expanding his offerings with the latest advances in non-surgical therapies and technology.

Acorn Chiropractic Club

Acorn Chiropractic Club is proud to announce that we are one of the first businesses (not to mention first chiropractors) in Petaluma to begin accepting Bitcoin.