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Creative services that accept Bitcoin

This is the talent tab, businesses and people that you will find in here have dedicated their entire lives to their passion. Musicians, painters, performance artists, creative engineers, photographers and so many more, if there is a task that you need done that involves creativity and a unique approach, then this is the tab you will enjoy most. Browse through the list of these exceptional creative, which will share their talent with you for Bitcoins.

Phyramid is a full-service digital agency, versed in development, design and marketing services, delivering creative solutions for digital products.

Common Tone Records

Vermont based music and audio production facilities. We will produce your music and audio tracks for Bitcoin at current exchange rates as well as cash, check or credit card.

Minimal Sound Injury

Audio Editing / Mixing / Mastering / MIDI Programming / Songwriting facility for Music and Broadcast Production & Postproduction.

Jon Kubis Music

Pop and Jazz Piano/Keyboard lessons via Skype & iChat. Also music production & transcription/charts! (warning: autoplay)

Red Barn Music School

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, Drums, Keyboards, Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Violin, Cello, Pre-K Music lessons at the Amherst Red Barn Music School.

Obuie Produções

Sao Paulo/Brazil based Production House / Location Management / Creative Footage / Visual Effects and Motion Design / Post-Production facility (Autodesk Smoke 2012, Avid DS 10, After Effects). Accepting Bitcoin. (warning: showreel autoplay)

Data Dynamics

Computer hardware and systems rental for 3d Rendering, Video Editing, and Data Processing. Located in the Southeast Michigan area.

Fabien Dany Photography

Fabien Dany Biography : a cross-cultural traveller and photographer.

Last Decade Films

Film and Visual Effects from Chicago. Accepting Bitcoin now!

Mas Music Productions

Recording Studio / Music Production - Highland Park / Los Angeles CA 90042.

Professional Writing Services

Professional writing services for business, training, personal, and professional needs. Receive high quality writing, personalized attention, and reliable service.

Robot ARC

The Simple Way to Make 2D into 3D. We turn 2D drawings into 3D printer ready files.