how to spend you bitcoins

Software that accept Bitcoin

We rely on software to get things done in our lives, be it software as a service or standalone software solutions, be it accounting or upgrading your WordPress website, software makes our lives easier and our productivity higher. Time is one thing you can’t buy; you can however save time with some of the software listed below. In other words what you have here is a list of companies that will help you have more control and take charge of your life for some of your hard earned Bitcoins.
OSHI Defender

The OSHI Defender is fast and light anti-malware application, which incorporates powerful Cloud AV. Subscription can be purchased using Bitcoin.

Available for FREE, the MyGunDB software helps you keep track of your gun inventory, ammo, range logs, reloading components and more.

GenoPro is easy to use genealogy software to create family trees and genograms.

A digital last will and testament service, perfect for sending your loved ones instructions on how to unlock your bitcoin stash.

Guy filming the creation of misc open source software for fun. All content (video, software, etc) released for free under open source licensing. Site funded by ad space through bitcoin-powered advertising software that he also coded and gives away for free.


SubDownloader - Fast and Easy Subtitle Downloader.

darkFunction Editor

DarkFunction Editor is a free, open source 2D sprite studio that allows you to rapidly define spritesheets and build complex animations, which can be exported.


A (browser based) reStructuredText editor with PDF, HTML & LaTex export


Intuitive and efficient online accounting.


InterApp'ed custom web and application development. We have the software developers to create websites or applications on any device.


Bitcoin Plugins & Payment Solutions for WordPress.


Smart It Accounting Software is an exciting product designed for businesses wishing to save time & money.


Multiplatform desktop calendar.


Tools for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

Godot & Co.

Time Traveller is a windows app which automatically updates the time on your PC wherever you travel.

Coding Robots

Coding Robots is a friendly software company producing beautiful, easy-to-use software.


Organize Magic the Gathering collections, build decks, find trade partners, buy and sell cards.


Shopping cart software tailored for selling digital items in return for cryptocurrency.