how to spend you bitcoins

Search Engines that accept Bitcoin

There are communities that are somewhat secretive and Bitcoin is a great example, so how do you find the products, information and services that you need if there is so much clutter sitting on every single page of your search. Our solution is a list of Search Engines that were built specifically to facilitate the Bitcoin user and focus on providing only the information that will enhance your Bitcoin experience.

find 2.5-million things you can buy with Bitcoin, across dozens of merchants, and counting (Bitcoin Product Search Engine)

Bspend Market

BTC Megastore: Choose among millions of products, find services, plan and book your travel arrangements and find a local coffee shop or restaurant. Online Bitcoin store aggregator.

Search Engine and Aggregator

A search engine and content aggregator for bitcoin related sites

Globalogiq HTML Code Search

Globalogiq HTML code search engine. Unlike traditional search engines, such as Google and Bing, with Globalogiq you can actually search within HTML source code and http headers. This means that you can find javascript code, and common templates on websites.


If searching for information is the most common activity on the internet, then it is only fair that wealth generated by search has more stakeholders than just a few large companies. SearchTrade aims to disrupt the present search industry and replace it with a more collaborative system which propagates wealth redistribution amongst search engine users.