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Music that accept Bitcoin

If you're enthusiastic about music and can't live a day without your favorite tunes, consider replenishing your collection of tracks at the expense of a small part of your BitCoin earnings. Check out the following list of online stores and portals that sell music of various genres and epochs: from contemporary and pop to traditional and classic.


MindBendingBeats uniquely offers binaural beats in lossless audio format for BTC. Ran by advocates of online privacy and free market capitalism, they tend to the needs of the Bitcoin community.


J-Core music webstore


The best download dj store for underground dance music tracks, place to buy techno, house, drum and bass, lounge and other releases. Cheapest WAV/FLAC/ALAC prices in the universe. Pay with Bitcoin, Credit Card or Paypal.

Liberty Music Store

Buy music with Bitcoin. Sell music online. Open your own virtual record store.

DJ Leo

Music about Bitcoin available for free for the Bitcoin community


Pathmusick Net label with an emphasis on electronic / acoustic drone / ambient / techno all released as FLAC .

Education of the Noobz

Contemporary Home Computer Music by Dragan Espenschied, brought to you through HTML5 audio!

Video Seconds

Video Seconds offers Rare Concerts, DVD, CD, live concerts, Music Downloads.

The Symphony of Science

is a musical project headed by John Boswell. Accepts bitcoin donations for music downloads.

RPG Beats

RPG Beats' Myflashstore Shop - High Quality Hip Hop Instrumentals for reasonable prices. East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, we have them all! Check them out!

Apeiron Restraint

Apeiron Restraint - Strict and icy composite metal that’ll rock you like Newton’s cradle.


Non-profit experimental netlabel focused on eastern europe, accepting bitcoin donations.

After Hours Jazz

I want to share information I've gathered about created raised bed frames. I hope that the information will help you create a beautiful set of raised beds.


Accepts bitcoin donations for free album downloads.

Masguda's Bazaar

Work by composer and ethnomusicologist Masguda Shamsutdinova

Masala Brass Kollektiv

Anti-Musikkapelle, Mobile Bigband, Karawane von Dilettanten mit leichtem Hang zum Wahnsinn...das alles ist das Masala Brass Kollektiv...

Whether they offer downloads in popular digital formats or physical copies of the music content, one thing is common for all of these sites: they accept BTC payments. Worth noting, some of them offer free music and don't demand a single penny from their visitors. However, it's always a nice gesture to make a donation and support interesting music projects and artists.

  1. Mind Bending Beats is a relatively small platform that offers its clients a very peculiar kind of music known as binaural beats. The service claims the music content they provide can be used to redirect the flow of one's consciousness into an altered state by changing one's brainwaves with the help of binaural beats. The music files are provided in the FLAC and OGG formats. Worth noting, the former involves the lack of compression or quality losses. At the moment, Mind Bending Beats only accepts BitCoins; paying with Visa or MasterCard is unavailable.
  2. Dou Jin Dance represents both a community of avid fans of J-Core music and a web-store where anyone can purchase Doujin music albums. The portal claims to have moderate prices thanks to direct cooperation with the popular labels of J-Core and related genres, such as: BPT, Solidbox Records, Makinaforce, etc. The company is headquartered in Australia but offers international shipping to most countries of the world. The available payment options are PayPal, BitCoin and Direct Bank Transfer.

  3. Digital Tunes is the portal that would be of interest to BTC miners who enjoy underground electronic music. Definitely visit this site if you wish to spend your coin on high-quality D&B, house or techno tracks. The fans of clear, high-quality sound would enjoy the option of downloading the track of your choice in one of the popular lossless formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV). You might want to know that the service accepts not only BitCoins, but also the more traditional payment methods, such as PayPay and credit cards.

  4. Liberty Music Store is one of the most popular services of its kind that is frequently discussed by music-loving miners. The main focus of the portal is the Indie genre. However, unlike most of similar platforms, it's not only a place where you buy the tracks you liked with BTC. If you are a music artist, you can use the platform to sell your tunes and get paid with the crypto-currency. The project is simple and absolutely transparent for both buyers and sellers.

  5. DJ Leo is who you go to if you want to listen to some music focused on BitCoin. If you are a part of the BitCoin community, you can enjoy his tracks for free. The collection includes around 150 tracks lovingly created by this multi-format DJ. Although you can download any of them completely free-of-charge, there is an option to make a donation to support the musician.

  6. Paniq is a German artist and musician who established a sound-recording label of the same name. On its official website you can download entire albums of electronic music in the highest-quality lossless FLAC format without the need to spend a satoshi. There are about 30 albums available on the website, the oldest one dating back to the 1990s. If you've downloaded some of Paniq's tunes and they have improved your mood greatly, consider donating a certain amount of BTC to the musician.

  7. LOM is an Eastern-European music label of experimental nature. Headquartered in Slovakia, it's been in the market for 7 years. It's activities are focused on drawing attention to experimental-genre artists from Eastern-European countries that have been forgotten or failed to gain popularity. A branch of LOM called FIELDS has been established recently to focus on emerging experimental artists. The project accepts donations of any amount in BTC from those interested in supporting their activities and the experimental genre of music.

  8. Apeiron Restraint is a music band you'll enjoy listening to if you're a fan of metal. Their website has a range of tunes that fall under different sub-genres to cater to your sophisticated taste: from Groove and Melodier to Trash, Death and Heavyrock. The band themselves describe their music as “strict and icy.” You can enjoy their composite metal songs via the popular music apps, such as Spotify and Rhapsody. For those wishing to support the band financially, there are several options, including Flattr, PayPal and BitCoin.

  9. Symphony of Science is a peculiar and well-known electronic music project. It pursuits an elevated goal of using the musician's remixes as a mean of popularizing science, spreading scientific knowledge and science-inspired philosophies. On its official website, you can download musical tracks and watch video clips without the need to open your wallet. However, the project's author, John D. Boswell, welcomes donations in the digital gold (BTC).

  10. Video Seconds is an online store offering both music and videos, which they sell on CD's and DVD's shipped to your location in the USA. However, the distinctive feature is that this is not your regular sales outlet; Video Seconds specialized in eclectic videos of live concerts and performances that are difficult to find. As a bonus, they also offer various collectible music-related items for sale. A perfect online shopping spot for a connoisseur. Since recently, the web-store has been accepting BTC. You can use the digital currency either to buy something for yourself, or to acquire a gift certificate for a friend.


Other online music places worth being mentioned are:

  • Pathmusick: electronic, ambient and techno music in lossless formats;
  • Education of the Noobz: an album by Dragan Espenschied in the so-called “home computer music” genre;
  • RPG Beats: an online store offering reasonably priced Hip-Hop music tracks in the instrumental version;
  • Masguda Shamsutdinova's musical work called “Bazaar” will be a pleasure to listen to for most fans of ethnic music;
  • Masala Brass Kollektiv is a traveling brass band that performs in a variety of genres, including alternative rock, funk and jazz.