how to spend you bitcoins

Entertainment/Books/Magazines that accept Bitcoin

Although there is certainly a dose of romanticism in a good old book, the practicality is far from perfect. This is why we choose to go digital, in the list below you will find service providers that can transfer every book you own into a digital format, you can buy digital books, magazines that have already been converted. Have extra Bitcoins on your hands and some time to spare? Meet gorgeous girls on live webcams. Or simply learn more about Bitcoins.

ePubMATIC is the online platform allowing you to easily create and manage your digital publications without any technical ability, quickly... and cheaply.

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Bitcoin Weekly

A weekly round-up of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and articles.


Get entry for the fourth edition of the Oxcars, the greatest Free/Libre culture show on earth

Coineer - The Bitcoin Magazine

The World's first Bitcoin magazine available in print.

Bitcoin Step by Step

An inexpensive ($3.99) Kindle book that walks the user step by step through how get going in a safe and secure manner.