how to spend you bitcoins

Cyber Begging that accept Bitcoin

If you are doing well now, this is the place you can give back. If you are not okay and desperately need help from outside this is also the place you can ask for help. If you thought street begging was the only choice you had, think again. Look through the list of websites below and tell your story, justify your current state and someone will definitely reach out and give a helping hand. Bitcoin donations are like cash in a jar, free to give, free to save and free to use.
Outrageous Requests

Users tell their story to request money, goods or services. Anyone can visit the website and donate these items. Users encouraged to accept Bitcoins for anonymity.


The original cyber begging site. Ask for money or donate to someone in need.

Bitcoin all stars

You can earn bitcoin by getting tipped and you can also tip others. You can beg for bitcoin by offering jobs here.