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Scientific Supplies that accept Bitcoin

If you are into science and biomedicine, this is the tab you have been looking for. We have compiled a list of companies that will provide you with the necessary supplies for your own scientific discoveries and those that will share their scientific breakthroughs. Mass production costs are high and often, new innovative products will not reach the shelf because they are deemed to be commercially unappealing to the corporations. Find these products and buy them for your Bitcoins in the list below.
Gene And Cell Technologies

Gene And Cell Technologies is a vertically integrated regenerative medicine company. We race to develop cures for all diseases using true cell replacement medi.


One of the leading international producers of dietary supplements known as Nootropics. They are also referred to as smart drugs, neuro or cognitive enhancers that are basically advanced nutraceuticals (nutrition derived compounds) that can improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, motivation, focus, mental processing, concentration, mood, and the biochemical factors involved in brain aging.


The Evil Mad Scientist Shop is the business side of Evil Mad Science LLC, a small family-owned company based in Sunnyvale, California. We launched in November 2007 to produce DIY and open-source hardware designs that originated with our project blog, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Today we produce and distribute a curated selection of components and original kits in support of art, education, and accessibility.