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Music that accept Bitcoin

For audiophiles we have selected the unnoticed, left behind, undiscovered music composed, written or played by independent artists. We did not limit ourselves though; if your taste in music is more mainstream we encourage you to also take a look at the selection of shops that do their best to cater to everyone’s needs and ears. Use your Bitcoins to lose yourself in the sound of great music.
Video Seconds

Video Seconds offers Rare Concerts, DVD, CD, live concerts, Music Downloads.

EMWiRES bitcoin shop

Used and new compact discs, international shipping.

Dark Ambient Radio

The first compilation cd that emerged aroud this radio project (incl. worldwide shipping) is now available for 1 BTC.

Long Player

All the record shops located in Berlin.

Masguda's Bazaar

Work by composer and ethnomusicologist Masguda Shamsutdinova.


Tradebit is the world's largest download store. Millions of repair manuals, eBooks, songs, and more. Bitcoin accepted.


Independent Digital Music Market