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According to statistics, pharmacies represent the most common type of stores found in a big city. Today they sell not only vital medical remedies, but also a wide range of other products, such as birth control means, vitamins, cosmetics, baby goods; sometimes also gifts, glasses and even clothes. Just like every other branch of the retail trade industry, pharmacies established a solid online presence nearly two decades ago.

JCM Pharmacy

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The Swiss Pharmacy

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Bitcoin Pharmacy

The Bitcoin Pharmacy Online provides an excellent assortment of medications to help you live a more healthy lifestyle. With three different pharmacy locations that we operate in The Netherlands, Canada, and The United States.

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Nowadays it's difficult to find a drug store that doesn't have a website of its own on the Internet. Moreover, quite a few major pharmacies have completely switched to online sales (although they usually allow their customers to arrive at the physical store and pick up the products they've ordered online).

All online pharmacies allow for purchases with a debit/credit card; most have also accepted the well-established digital moneys systems as a means of payment. But what about BitCoin? Is there an opportunity for you to spend your hard-earned digital coins on such a necessity of life as remedies and other medical products?

Fortunately for BTC miners, the pharmaceutical industry is taking progressive steps in terms of retail sales. Although the number of online pharmacies that accept BitCoins as a means of payment is not huge yet, one can expect the situation to change in the coming years. Even today there are online pharmacies that were established with a view to accept BTC as the primary means of payment. Drug web-stores ready to sell you the required medicines in exchange for digital coins are currently available in the USA, Canada, Asia and some European countries. Below you will find a list of such pharmacies and a brief review of each of them.


JCM Pharmacy

The history of this well-known pharmacy dates back to the 1960s, when it was established as a small private company in Singapore. Over half a century has passed, and now JCM Pharmacy has more than 40 physical stores in the countries of South-East Asia, such as India, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. The company's online presence was first established 19 years ago, in 1998. As of today, its medical products and accompanying goods manufactured from raw materials of Indian origin are exported to 70 countries worldwide.

As a long-standing player in the online pharmaceutics market, JCM Pharmacy has developed a system to accept a very vast range of forms of payments, which makes it a convenient place for online shopping for medications. Striving to satisfy the progressive customers and keep up with the times, the pharmacy has also begun to accept BitCoins as payment for online purchases. The cheapest delivery option (already included in the price indicated on the JCM Pharmacy website) is air mail, which takes about 20 days to deliver the package of medications to any country.


The Swiss Pharmacy

Although this company's management is headquartered in Switzerland, the worldwide deliveries of medications are carried out from India. The Swiss Pharmacy has made it its goal to provide customers with top-quality medical products that are reasonably priced. The company's website offers a range of generic and non-controlled drugs that can be delivered virtually to any corner of the world. It's long been known that purchasing non-specific medications manufactured in India is the smart deal in terms of the price-to-quality ratio.

The Swiss Pharmacy also exercises an individualized approach, so that if a customer fails to find a certain drug on their website, they can contact the company's customer care department. Its employees will help to find a suitable solution or offer an alternative drug based on the same active ingredient.

Your order can be shipped to almost any country of the world, and if you're dissatisfied with the product, you will be entitled to replacement or refund. The worldwide shipment via air mail implies an additional fee of 15 American dollars. The delivery time framework is around 20 days. The main means of payment accepted by the Swiss Pharmacy are direct bank transfers, credit/debit cards, e-checks and Bitcoins.


BitCoin Pharmacy

As the name suggests, BitCoins are the primary means of payment while checking your order out on the website of this pharmacy. In addition, the BitCoin Pharmacy has established cooperation with Walmart Pharmacy, which enables the former's customers to use Walmart gift cards to pay for their medications in case they don't have or prefer not to pay with BTC.

The online pharmacy employs qualified doctors in their customer care department, so that the web-site's visitors have the opportunity to receive answers to their medical questions from a professional. For those new to the realm of digital coins, there is a FAQ page, a brief guide to buying BitCoins, and even a concise list of exchanges where you can perform such a purchase.

In addition to the online version, the BitCoin Pharmacy operates three physical stores in different countries of the world: the USA, Canada, and the Netherlands. The range of available medications is aimed to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. As for prescription drugs, you can order them after sending your prescription at the pharmacy's e-mail.


Via Best Buy

This online pharmacy deals with a specific type of medicals products: the one that concerns a very delicate sphere of a man's life. Via Best Buy offers its customers a range of generic Viagra and other similar remedies for men's health. The medications available on the pharmacy's website are manufactured at an India-based laboratory from high-quality raw materials of local origin.

If you're looking for a good deal on generic Viagra products, definitely check out this online store. However, keep in mind that this company delivers medications only to customers residing in the USA. The company offers 30 samples of its products to every new customer free-of-charge. Via Best Buy does not have any physical stores; it's website is a unique selling point. Beside credit cards, you can use a part of your BitCoin stash to pay for your order during the checkout.