how to spend you bitcoins

Children that accept Bitcoin

Children are our future, much like Bitcoin in the financial realm we believe. Spend your hard earned Bitcoins and enjoy every moment of your children’s lives as you watch them grow. You will find clothes for newborns and toys for kids of all ages. Toys – can one have enough of them? Much like with Bitcoins, the answer any child would give is no. Spend responsibly.

Cozeebaby is a small family business that started from making cosy baby wear for our own son.


Bitcoin Kids & Baby Clothing.


We've picked out a range of products that we think will keep the kids happy. Big or small! Create electronic clay models, build your own synthesizer or bring some physical control to Scratch with the MaKey MaKey.


Welcome to Babycare, the best place on the net to find a smart selection of the best baby products. We have created an easy-to-navigate shopping experience for all expectant parents, grandparents and anyone who knows anyone who is having a baby.

Five Minute Recess

Specialty infant and baby boutique offering only handmade products.


Personalized stuff for babies and kids! Baby and kids goodies with your own name or text.