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Bicycles that accept Bitcoin

If you are not a fan of the automotive industry but instead prefer to pedal your way through the busy streets of your town or maybe you like those scenic bike rides away from all the fuss. No matter what your motives are, if you are a pro cyclist, a mountain biker, a casual rider or just need something to get you to work you will find your dream bike within our selected list of shops that sell bicycles for Bitcoins.

Fietsenwinkel Arnhem | Rock and Ride.

ITSA Bike Shop

A bicycle specialty retail and service establishment located in the Point Loma area of San Diego.

Solé Bicycles

Solé Bicycles sells Fixed Gear, Single Speed, and City Bikes, Bike racks, and accessories. Now accepting bitcoin on all purchases.

Órbita Bicycles

The Orbita bicycles business started on February, 2nd 1971. The brand's entire association with the bicycles industry began previously, many years before. oday the group still produces for the bicycle, motorcycle and other vehicle's Industries and commercial ventures. Located in Long Island, New York serving the US and globe.


The Mystic 8Ball Cyclery is a bespoke bicycle maker that aggregates the skills of artisans around the world to produce beautiful, stylish bikes.