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Paintings that accept Bitcoin

Traditional art will never be fully replaced by the digital world; every stroke of a brush is an expression of the artist. The warmth that a hand drawn painting emits is undeniable and irreplaceable. Bitcoins can’t purchase someone’s sole but they sure can have a piece of it in the painting that an artist has devoted his time, efforts and talent to.
Modern Art Paintings

Galeria de pinturas al oleo, visite la galeria para comprar cuadros de Teresa Piacentino. Venta de cuadros modernos originales y pintura al oleo.

Art Galleries Direct has over five hundred paintings for sale from over a hundred different artists. Free delivery and 100% satisfaction guarantee on all art sold.

Paintings of a "loose, colorful, impressionistic style, emphasizing movement". Will ship anywhere in the continental U.S.

Erik White

Gravitational Art, unique abstract paintings. Hi-res images available free. BTC accepted for originals.


BitPremier is a bitcoin marketplace that provides unique, high-end luxury items & opportunities to buyers in the Bitcoin community.

Out of the Blue Art Gallery

Paintings, special exhibitions, classes and workshops, poetry. Cambridge, MA

Erik White

Gravitational Art, unique abstract paintings. Hi res images available FREE.

Bert Green Fine Art

Fine Art Gallery in Chicago. Contemporary Fine Art. Discounts and free domestic shipping for buyers using Bitcoin.