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VoIP/SMS that accept Bitcoin

If modern Internet technologies are not rocket science for you, you have probably heard of VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Speaking in laymen terms, it's a popular service that enables its users to perform phone calls in an alternative way. The technology's main benefit is that it offers voice communication at a reduced rate in comparison with regular phone calls.

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Lightbox Technologies

Lightbox Technologies Inc. specializes in custom application development, web applications, web hosting, and any out-of-the-ordinary projects. We can do anything! We can make it happen!

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Dutch mobile telecom operator with advanced technical possibilities for consumers.


Send and Receive SMS Online with your own Virtual Mobile Phone Number. US, UK, Canadian and Norwegian numbers available, will add more soon


VoIP service with worldwide coverage, account fillups with Bitcoin payments instantly, few days to confirm if PayPal chosen.

Some portals will even allow you to talk to your friends and loved ones free of charge. The service has been especially popular with international calls. As one of the most successful Internet technologies of the past 10 years, VoIP has found its way to cooperate with another modern-day trend: crypto-currencies. Below is a list of reliable portals where you can enjoy VoIP services and send SMS over the Internet, paying for everything in BitCoins.

The portal offers a variety of services related to phone calls: from incoming phone numbers for just one American dollar per month to business products, such as dedicated hosted PBX. You can buy incoming call numbers attached to a location in any of the available 60 countries across the world. Founded in 2005, the company claims their prices are up to 85 percent lower than competitors'. The registration procedure is very simple and allows you to sign in using FB, MSN or Google. After that, you just need to upload an ID copy of yours or connect a verified PayPal account. The available options for paying for the necessary services are varied and flexible: PayPal, Balance and Ethereum are accepted, as well as BitCoin.



Headquartered in Los-Angeles, the company Arrowtel is a VoIP portal registered in the USA on the federal level. Its main focus is providing a range of services (such as calls, SMS and fax) to both small and large businesses using the advantages of the VoIP technology. The reasonable pricing allows its users to accessibly increase the productivity of their small or medium enterprises through using an advanced phone system.

Arrowtel offers a variety of packages of products (starting from $20 per user), which perfectly tend to the needs of businesses with different technical and employee capacities. Claiming to be a trusted and affordable system, Arrowtel offers cost-efficient and advanced telecom services, and gets ahead of the game by accepting not only regular payment methods (checks and credit cards), but BitCoins as well.


Lightbox Technologies

Lightbox Technologies is a Canadian (Ottawa-based) company that offers a vast range of services in the fields such as programming, hosting and VoIP. The portal's Voice over IP services are available to customers in Canada and the US (except the non-continental territories). The company works with both private clients and businesses. For the latter, custom VoIP solutions are available.

Lightbox Technologies offers reasonable and competitive prices: for example, incoming call numbers are provided at 8 Canadian dollars per months. Not only does the service accept payments in BTC for all their products and packages; Lightbox Technologies also run their own exchange (BTC to CAD and vice versa).


Swilliam Tell

Swilliam Tell is a company based in Switzerland that specializes in the provision of telecommunication services and solutions not only in the domestic market, but also internationally. The focus of the portal's activities falls upon VoIP solutions for individuals and businesses. The company claims to offer cheap, extremely competitive rates for Voice over IP phone calls that start from 2 Euro cents per minute. Other services include PBX (both in-house and hosted options are available), mobile convergence and encrypted telephony. The portal welcomes customers who pay via PayPal or the BitCoin network.


Lazer SMS

Founded over 5 years ago, Lazer SMS is a portal that allocates a virtual mobile number for you, enabling you to send and receive text messages anonymously. The company offers numbers attached to various regions and countries of the world: the USA and the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, Malaysia and a bunch of European countries (Germany, France, Poland). Renting such a number for a month will cost you only 17 dollars, and each SMS you send is in the range of 10-30 cents.

The basic package includes the opportunity to receive an unlimited number of SMS for free, as well as unlimited customer support available around the clock, including on holidays and weekends. In addition, the company plans to expand the range of countries in which virtual numbers are available. The fact Lazer SMS accepts BitCoin makes it even better for those seeking anonymity.



CallWithUs has been in the market of VoIP solutions for over a decade. This family-owned company offers broadband phone services through the above-mentioned technology. The distinctive feature of the portal is that the basic service is provided to customers for free; you are only charged for the calls you make. Membership fees may only be charged if you order a package of products that includes additional services (for example, Direct Inward Dialing, aka a real telephone number). A second bonus for CallWithUs customers is the opportunity to call other members of the network for free, regardless of their physical location. Depositing funds to your accounts is possible through PayPal, credit cards, and BitCoin.