how to spend you bitcoins

Crow-Lending that accept Bitcoin

An escrow service is a solution that allows secure payments between two parties typically a seller and a buyer; through a third party - the escrow. When a buyer deposits his funds to the escrow the seller will dispatch the order, when the buyer is satisfied with the fulfillment of his order the reserved funds are released to the seller. We are providing a list of companies that allow escrow payments with Bitcoins.

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World's largest bitcoin peer to peer lending marketplace. Where borrowers get great rates and Investors get great returns.


Largest P2P Credit Line Network


Peer-to-peer bitcoin banking \ Loans \ IPO \ Exchange \ Staking


Peer-to-peer bitcoin platform. All major credit cards are accepted.


Regular Escrow \ Regular Escrow pegged to fiat value \ Mutli-Signature Escrow \ Multi-Signature Escrow pegged to a fiat value


Escrow Service with Identity & Reputation system


Bitcoin marketplace and auction site. Buy, Sell, Escrow.

Escrow (Agreed)

Ex Agreed - first licensed Internet escrow service.